Reidar Stiernstrand, REALTOR®

Reidar is a Swedish Native, born and raised in the suburbs of Gothenburg. He served in the Swedish Army and upon completion of service, attended the University of Karlstad. Reidar spent most of his career working in the Automotive and Paper industries managing various Procurement and Logistics Divisions. His career afforded him the ability to travel across Europe on a regular basis. 

Reidar moved to Charlottesville in 2014 to be closer to his girlfriend. The two married shortly after and they enjoy exploring all the various places and things Charlottesville has to offer. Reidar serves as President of the Board of Condominium Association where he resides. He is also very interested in the development of the Charlottesville area, and spends a lot of time researching the various projects that are quickly expanding in Charlottesville. 

With Reidar’s background in negotiating contracts, customer service, and operational expertise, Real Estate is a natural fit. Reidar’s analytical and organization skills, combined with his determination and passion for home improvements, help him guide his clients to choosing the perfect home that will fit their investment and lifestyle needs. 

Reidar speaks five languages, including English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

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